David Emerson works at Cyxtera Technologies, a secure platform for connecting and protecting dedicated infrastructure, private clouds, and public clouds. On the side, he advises Flux Mopeds as they capture the utilitarian SEV market, and provides technical advisory services through refmark LLC. Before that, he was at Liquidity Services building eCommerce marketplaces for the reverse supply chain, Harris Associates building and maintaining critical trading infrastructure, Vassar doing a bit of everything at campus-scale, Apple representing their (former) HPC products in higher education, and Tulane bringing formal systems administration to the Newcomb College Center for Research on Women.

Resume here, and since the world would be a better place if more documents were typeset, feel free to steal this template for your own use.

Otherwise, his internet presence consists of some tweets and a boring LinkedIn profile.

From Chicago, he’s now in Washington, DC.

David Emerson